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Unfettered Journey-the Audiobook

I’ve been reviewing the audiotapes for the Unfettered Journey audiobook these last several days. Dryw McArthur, a Shakespearean actor and voice actor from New Zealand, has done a beautiful job, with his mastery of voices. I’m hoping to have the audiobook ready for release together with the novel in paperback and Kindle on Labor Day. You can find one short scene as Dryw reads it here.

Be well and stay calm. Have a great week ahead!

1 thought on “Unfettered Journey-the Audiobook”

  1. This book sounds interesting to me. I got your free Kindle version, thank you, but I’d much prefer the audio version. When at home I’m doing other things so much of my “reading” is when I’m out and can listen to the books and podcasts I carry on my phone.

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